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the_other_slash's Journal

A B Horror Movie Marathon Community
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What the term slash used to mean...
Do you like to watch older horror movies - movies made before 1990? Movies where the quality is questionable? Do you like the obscure B horror movie - one that hasn't even made it to DVD yet?

The kind of movie that involves the truly quirky?

Movies that have a young, beautiful cast that quickly gets killed off, one by one while making the usual horror movie cliche mistake (going off into the woods alone, going upstairs while being chased by a maniac with a large knife, calling out 'who's there?')

This community is for those of us who love to watch movies like Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine and laugh while getting the creeps at the same time.

I, your mod, Maria (aka slave_o_spike will choose a movie to watch, give you enough time to watch it on youtube (I'll supply the link) and then ask questions regarding the movie and we can all have a lively discussion about it.

That's it.

I'm always open for suggestions.

The only requirement I have as far as joining the community is that you have a birthdate showing on your profile page since this deals with watching horror movies so you must be at least 17.

If your birthdate isn't showing on your profile page, then leave me a comment as to how old you are.

That's it.