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Question and Answer Time for Halloween

So here are the questions again for the discussion regarding Halloween!

Questions under cutCollapse )

I await your answers!

(I hope you had a chance to watch the movie!)

Halloween movie questions are up!!!!

Okay! So here are the questions up for discussion. You can simply put the question # next to your answer in the comments.

You have a week to go over the questions. (Hopefully you've all watched Halloween by now - if not, you still have the chance!)

questions under hereCollapse )

I await your answers and discussion!

Your first assignment

Okay guys!

Membership is not huge here but we can start anyway. I wanted to watch the classic Halloween in honor of the impending holiday but it's not offered anywhere on youtube.

If you can rent it, then I say let's go for it. My original intention for this site was to pick off beat slasher movies that could be easily watched on youtube so you didn't have to go out and rent but come on! It's Halloween!!!!

So go ahead and rent it and watch it. I'll give you 2 weeks. Then I'll post the questions and you'll have a week to gather your answers and then we'll post them and see what we come up with.

And when I say Halloween, I obviously mean the 1978 classic, not the new Rob Zombie gorefest.

Seriously, how anyone can let that man make movies is beyond me...

Don't worry, the original is scary but it's not gory. So go to it!

(BTW, my favorite horror movie poster at youtube just posted Terror Train, which I absolutely loved. We should do that one next).

Your friendly, yet unstable mod,


Come and Join the fun!!!!

Welcome to my new community.

Here I will announce a movie every other week (*crosses fingers*), tell you where to find it, YOU watch it and then I throw some questions out there which you answer and hopefully a fun and snappy debate will ensue.

So join up.

More rules to come soon. :)


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